Virginia's Comedienne
Allison Moore

All About Allison

Allison is a stand-up comedienne, actress and writer from Hampton Roads Virginia. Her comedy is based on her unique perspective which was shaped growing up as a dark-skinned, little girl from a low-income, single parent household in Virginia. Yes, she is still dark skinned! Lol! Allison is a wife and mother and has an uncanny ability to find and deliver sensationally witty humor in some of the most difficult, boring and weirdest situations. After working hard to defy the odds associated with being a young, black, pregnant, college drop-out, Allison proudly obtained two degrees: BA (Norfolk State University) and MA (The George Washington University). We realize that these degrees have nothing to do with her humor but since she is still paying on them, she insisted on the mention. After working hard to climb the corporate America ladder of success in the Human Resources field, Allison got fired from her job. Yea, yea we know. She should’ve seen it coming. With the grace of the Lord, Allison has been a full-time comedian ever since, and hasn’t looked back! That often.

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